Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meet the Oils

from the table at the Worlds Longest Lunch at Marysville, but before we make introductions a little history of where the event came from!

From the suppliers guide on the day;

The Marysville’s World’s Longest Lunch concept was developed in 2002 after a breakfast meeting of Mystic Mountains Tourism Inc. business members at the Blue Wren CafĂ© (later known as the Terracotta Room). The members at the meeting were brainstorming regarding hosting additional annual events for Marysville.

Damien Jacobs (General Manager at Marylands Country House) presented the idea of running a long lunch as part of the annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival held each March. The in favour support from Mystic Mountains Tourism members was unanimous.

The Upper Goulburn Food Wine and Culture group were bought on as major naming sponsors* for the initial event in 2003 after Damien presented the concept to the group and its members at a meeting in Yea and again received overwhelming support.
(*The group basically pays for the application fee annually and assists with resources and suppliers where possible in the management of the event)
The Longest Lunch concept is part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and entails
a long table in which the regions produce and wine are the main focus. The Marysville’s World’s Longest Lunch is part of 24 regional Long Lunches that are held each February/ March with the aim to encourage, showcase and reinforce food and wine tourism to regional Victoria. The event is in its eighteenth year.
Each year well over 120 locals and visitors to the region sat in comfort shaded by the magnificent oak trees along the driveway at Marylands Country House.
They were surrounded by the English-style country garden and sampled the regions treasures. Each course was presented by a different chef and or restaurant and was matched with Upper Goulburn wines. Over the years the event had grown and evolved and with huge support from Michael and Luise McNamara, owners of Marylands Country House and their team lead by Grace Bartlett the event had become a community focused event for our region.

This dedication along with Mystic Mountains Tourism Inc., the Marysville Visitor Information Centre volunteers, community members and a small management team ensured its success. Many local businesses, community groups and organisations were happy to lend support by the way of sponsorship, donations and resources. Funds were raised each year for nominated local organisations and groups by the way of raffled hampers, auctions and prizes - all donated by locals.

The 2008 event drew in well over sixty suppliers from the Shires of Murrindindi and Mansfield making it a great opportunity for chefs, restaurants, cafes, producers and wineries to participate and showcase the Upper Goulburn’s produce and wine.
These businesses are showcased in the Worlds Longest Lunch supplier’s guide.
Sponsors included Lake Mountain Alpine Resort, Bendigo Bank, UGFM, Swinburne, Alexandra Secondary College and many local businesses and groups - too many to name here.
In the same year the Upper Goulburn Winegrowers Association came on board to assist with the event as a secondary sponsor, this complemented the many local groups, volunteers and organisations that made this annual event possible.
The committee, made up of representatives from Marylands Country House, Mystic Mountains Tourism Inc., Marysville Visitor Information Centre, Upper Goulburn Food Wine and Culture Group and Upper Goulburn Winegrowers Association, met on Wednesday 21 January seventeen days before the destruction of February 7. The last email regarding the World’s Longest Lunch event for 2009 was sent on February 6 at 3pm.

Tony and Penni Thompson kindly agreed to be the 2010 hosts for the luncheon, with support from Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and a lot of help from our sponsors, friends and neighbours we are back!

And back they were - a successful day !

Now for the Oils, 12 Oils were selected from Goulburn Strathbogie Olive Growers Association ( GSOGA) these oils were presented on the table for people to try with sourdough bread from Wildcrust Bakery.

Sensational! The colour was amazing, the flavours were just wondrous.

Uk based Chef Jamie Oliver commented on the Olive oils and remarked " the Oils were brilliant" He chatted to Rob Mitchell who is the president of GSOGA about the region and was amazed at how many varieties were grown in our region.
Anyway with out any further delay here they are:

Hill Crest Estate
Ph: 0418 581 322

Strathbogie Ranges Estate
M: 0448 22 44 00

Murrinstone Olives
Ph: 5797 3148

Emu Olives
Ph: 5798 5513

Ph: 0418 310 129

Ph: 5790 3324

Ph: 9434 6101

Myrtlevale Olives
Ph: 9874 4883

Eildon Hills Olives
Ph: 5774 2479

Apulia Grove
Ph: 9489 8986

Mount Bernard
Ph: 5796 2616

Marraweeny Olives
Ph: 9397 3008

Congratulations all!

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