Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh Acland Street in Melbourne

What have you done?

So many shops, people, colour, opportunities for bargains, great food, great wine and beer at all hours of the day!

The Tf’s needed a St.Kilda fix.
Oh Okay confession time….. one of the Tfs wanted Baklava.
One Tf wanted to see Luna Park and hear the excitement of people on the big dipper scream as they do coming down from such great heights and
another wanted to reminisce about days gone by in St Kilda at all hours.

The street is about 6km south of the CDB and has about 19 thousand people in the local government area known as City of Port Phillip. For those history buffs: St Kilda was named after a schooner Lady of St Kilda (which was moored at the beach in 1841) by Charles La Trobe and former ship master and early settler Lieutenant James Ross Lawrence. The schooners owner was Sir Thomas Dyke Acland for whom the street is named after.

Now those who have been to this famous street in Melbourne will remember and recount, bakeries, clothing, restaurants, cafes, music and bookstores wine and food shops.

Being not far from the beach ensures its own bustling, independent and happy vibe.
Not far away is Luna Park and the famous Sunday market of the esplanade.
Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts located in a Victorian mansion in Acland Street as well.
The books and clothes boutiques are wonderful and 600 beers does have well over 600 beers from all over the world!

What is Baklava??
OMG if you have never tasted this you may have been denying your selves with one of life’s little pleasures.
It’s a sweet pastry found in the Middle Eastern countries and basically it’s made of chopped nuts layered with filo pastry, honey, cinnamon and sugar.


Did you know it is to be found and eaten with pleasure in approximately 1/5th of the world’s countries?
Some countries do differ in the thickness of the pastry layers.
Thankfully here in Acland street the layers are thin thin thin.

Anyhoo back to the best bits…

For the uninitiated, eating baklava has its own rules!!!
Everyone has their own style but simply:

Separating the top and lower layers can be frowned upon.

Instead the Tf’s came up with a strategy of spearing the triangular shaped piece with the fork so that one third of the piece is behind the fork and the other two thirds were facing us.
This is so that the piece doesn’t break.

Well for some of us this was successful!

The crunch, oh the crunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnch…. made by the fork as it penetrates the crisp layers is another pleasure which assures you that delightful pastry is fresh fresh fresh.

As you lift the piece to your mouth you should bring yourself to a standstill to savour the sensational smell of cooked butter, mixed with honey and nuts.

Just do it already we cried!

Finally you pop it into your mouth and the baklava experience is complete as the flavour pervades your palate and you make that face.
We needed to stand to attention really it was that good!

Those who love their food, savour the tastes and try to differentiate between the flavours will understand.

So back to oh Acland Street what have you done?

Nothing you have simply got better with age like a fine wine!

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