Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Simply the best

V- ZUG is just that!

Let us begin, about 12 months ago, the Travelling -Foodies were at Taste of Melbourne and come across a stand that was selling V-ZUG appliances.
OMG heaven! Steamcombi ovens, sensational washing machines and much more all the way from Switzerland.
The two men on the stand Terry and Mark were passionate about the premium product they were demonstrating and selling, needless to say it was love at first site.
So many opportunities for fantastic premium appliances and only two kitchens to put them in!
The ovens have that unique steam action to ensure your food either cooking or reheating is easy and tastes sensational.
Anyway we were lucky just recently to catch up with Mark and he reintroduced V-ZUG to us.

Let us introduce ourselves - we are V-ZUG, and our innovative Swiss range of appliances is now available in Australia. Specialising in premium household appliances since 1913, we have been developing state-of-the-art products right in the heart of Switzerland.

Our desire is to make life that little bit easier, that is why we have brought the “Diamonds” of our range to Australia. More importantly we are able to announce that we can provide the expert service and knowledge you deserve with our Diamonds being available through the team at Elite Appliances – Melbourne’s premium appliance destination.

Imagine an oven with pyrolyctic cleaning for the highest level of cleaning, or a washing machine that provides a ‘Special Kind’ setting to remove dust-mites for sensitive skin. V-ZUG appliances are an investment in the future.

V-ZUG is synonymous with robustness and longevity and the designs are the combination of timeless aesthetics and function.

We pride ourselves on the numerous ‘world-first’ appliances we have developed, providing you with the highest level of precision. Our wide range of products leaves no wish unfulfilled.
V-ZUG is renowned for its design philosophy, which is impressively clear and modern. All individual appliances are designed to coordinate with each other to create a polished look in the kitchen.
An international premium brand, with elegance, innovation and precision manufacturing, we are confident that V-ZUG will provide you with a captivating point-of-difference.

With environmental sustainability high on the agenda, V-ZUG works to a model of low energy consumption both in manufacturing and in the appliances themselves.
Please feel free to visit one of Elites showrooms at Hawthorn, Armadale or Abbotsford to experience Swiss Precision in the kitchen.
I trust you will enjoy your V-ZUG experience."

Mark Swan - National Sales Director, V-ZUG Australia

Now we don't know about the rest of you but who would not want to investigate further?
Or to own one of their world first appliances.

And to just wet our appetites further one of their sensational steam-combi ovens is up for auction at Marysville's World Longest Lunch 12 March at Maryton Park B&B.

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