Monday, March 1, 2010

Victoria’s Most Exciting Wine Region

The Upper Goulburn wine region stretches from Tallarook to Mansfield and Marysville to Merton.

It is unified by its main river, the Goulburn River, and its topography, which is generally hilly rising to Mt Buller and the Great Dividing Range in the east. It is a uniquely pristine area of mountains and rivers, and the first choice of Melbournians for relaxation and adventure on weekends and holidays.

There is an amazing array of experiences in the Upper Goulburn. Within easy reach of the city, you can go skiing, 4WD touring, camping, fishing, boating, and bushwalking. Add rafting, canoeing, fossicking, mountain climbing, horse riding, sightseeing, picnicking, visiting national parks and native forests - the list is as long as the day!

Boating, fishing and especially fly fishing have always been popular because of the abundant clear, clean rivers and mountain streams. These streams are regularly stocked with brown trout, rainbow trout, salmon, perch, Murray cod and Australian bass.

The wineries of the Upper Goulburn make a visit all the more exciting. This is a super-premium wine-producing area. Yields are low, and the ancient soil is full of gravel and minerals. Here, the cool climate produces fine, stylish, wines with elevation being the key determinant of style. The many gold medals gained for the region's wines are for white wines as well as reds. The whites range through crisp, tangy, herbal, sauvignon blanc, elegant, aromatic riesling and pinot gris to spicy gewurztraminer. Chardonnay is usually refined, stylish, and often European in character.

For the connoisseur, cool climate red wines are an adventure in themselves. They’re never like “peas in a pod” but vary marvellously with vineyard altitude, orientation and soil. The pinophile will find wine styles vary from perfumed and elegant to full bodied. The merlots have character, while cabernet is fruity and delicious. Accolades have been received for Upper Goulburn shiraz, whose many awards and gold medals make a thorough examination of all the offerings well worthwhile.

Along with the superb wines the area is noted for stunning scenery. The Upper Goulburn is overflowing with natural assets - beautiful mountains for skiing in winter and bushwalking in summer, waterfalls, an extensive river system, national parks and nature trails. It is a region that caters for nearly every activity.

And the towns are famous - Marysville has been a favorite for weekenders for centuries, and all Australians know about Banjo’s ..."colt from Old Regret" that got away at Mansfield, the town that Ned Kelly made famous.

There is also some wonderful regional produce such as trout, game meat and berries and plenty of restaurants, cafes and hotels where you will find it on the menu. Plus the extensive bed and breakfast accommodation and varied camping opportunities to give you that relaxing, down to earth country experience.

The Upper Goulburn was built on the gold rush of the 1850s. There is still gold to be found there, but it is of a more subtle variety. It is in the lining of the clouds at sunset, in the golden rays of the morning sun, and the pure joy of finding yourself again through spending time in the beauty of nature.

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