Thursday, April 29, 2010

A ladies lunch at Yea's Peppercorn

What do you get if you have many women all friends and neighbors out to lunch to a local restaurant?
A lot of laughs!
But is it enough?

The Tf’s would think so but there is a lot more than good company that makes a lunch time experience wonderful! The ambiance and warmth of a restaurant, the service and food have a lot to do with the total package of the experience.

The Tf’s were in for a real treat.
We had not gone to do a story, just to relax and catch up with the girls.
But we could not help ourselves, once we caught a look of the menu and the famous specials board, had our hot chocolates, lemon lime and bitters and wine served in super quick time..
we knew we had to do a Tf BlogSpot on this establishment…..

The Yea Peppercorn Hotel has been lovingly restored and been a gathering place for functions, dinners and get together for a few years now but the current team of owners Cindy and Grant and their excellent staff have put their unique stamp on this fine establishment.

The two story former pubs color scheme and furnishings should be a clear indication of the flavor of the menu and service. Meaning the attention to detail is wonderfully smooth and seamless.
The blue and gold outside to the warm and rustic of the insides with natural timber and brick work complements the local art, photographs and imported art pieces and furnishings around the dining areas.

From their website;
“The Yea Peppercorn Hotel, built in the 1860's, is a treasure trove of original features which give the hotel the ambiance and warmth of a bygone era. When you step into our renowned Kelly Dining room and soak up the rustic warmth of massive open fireplaces, exposed original brick walls and giant wooden beams from historic nearby bridges you will immediately shake off the stress and strain of city life and relax into Peppercorn mode.”

From the elegant and stylish interior and furnishings through to the easy to read menu, the knowledgeable staff, the over 150 wines on offer to the local produce hidden in one of the many nooks in the dining areas shows the dedication to enhancing a visitors experience in dining in Yea.
It was time to order and Tim had started to wet our appetites with a synopsis on each of the menu items and specials board, he took with good humor all our questions and oohs and ahhs generated from us moving through the specials board.

The price range of specials for mains was from $29 - $59.

So all tastes and budgets were catered for and the entrée was very tempting:
Seafood Tapas Plate To Share -
3 Moroccan Prawns
3 Scallops in the shell with white wine sauce and bacon
3 Oysters Mornay

all for $25!.

But the group seemed to be equally divided between pork, beef and seafood, so between the ten of us with the final choices being:
Chinese roast bbq Pork (see photo), Beef and reef, Sticky Vietnamese pork, the seafood plate (which had fresh Flathead fillet, scallops and homemade chips and garlic prawns see photo.)

Not one word was said when the meals arrived shortly after ordering and as we started to eat the conversation grew with some vigor.
Everyone was enjoying the subtle flavors mixed with stronger Asian influences with the pork and beef matched with the crispness of the accompanying salads with their sensational dressings.
The seafood was fresh and the girls enjoyed every dish.
At one stage the Tf''s thought there was going to be swapping of meals for all to try but everyone was not willing to share!!

After short time we were very disappointed when the meals were gone and after piping hot coffees there was neither room nor time for homemade desserts.

Bugger !!
Next time the plan may be to have a small entrée and dessert!

Now we found out a few secrets on the way out…one of which was with their home grown Sav Blanc , the grapes are grown in a private vineyard just for the Peppercorns own label.

The Savvy Blanc and the McClaren Vale 2007 Shiraz was the popular lunch time accompanying wine for the girls.

As you pay on leaving you can’t help but to notice the 24 hour streaming flat screen TV above your head showcasing the action in the kitchen.

Yea Peppercorn Hotel with its sensational looking accommodation and fabulous restaurant is open 7 Days Lunch starts at 12pm and dinner is from 6pm .

Book on 5797 2000 or visit: to see more.

The Tf's verdict? Well worth lunch or dinner or a special function.
Go on try it.
You know you want to discover one of Yea's best kept secrets other than the Yea Wetlands.
Do both...maybe if we had had the time we would have gone for a walk and then returned for dessert....

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