Friday, May 7, 2010

Buxton Trout Mural

The Tf's caught up with Rachael from Buxton Trout in Buxton about the new mural on their processing buildings' wall.

Rachael explained about the idea:

"The artist who did it was Andrew Bourke from .
Basically we have been thinking about having a big trout exploding through the wall for a
long time.

We thought it might be something a bit different if we got a graffiti artist to do it.

We briefed Andrew on what our idea was and he developed it from there.
We hope it will become a bit of a landmark for the town, as it is certainly eye-catching for people driving past.
We are extremely pleased with the final result!!
Tell us what you think!"

Well the Tf''s saw it the other day and were blown away, its big, its colourful and certainly eye catching!

Check out its progression from start to finish:

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