Sunday, August 8, 2010

upper goulburn celery soup

When a local chef gives you veggies straight out of the veggie patch what do you do?
You get in to the kitchen real quick!!
The Tf’s decided that they hadn’t had celery soup for years and had a hankering.
So here is the recipe:

Celery – a huge bunch fresh from local chef Lyn’s garden
Dobson Potatoes- can dice if in a hurry!
GSOGA’s local olive oil – a splash for the pan.
One onion or leek from a neighbors stash- chopped and ready to go with no tears!
Nangara’s chemical free garlic (can roast beforehand if you want it sweeter)
Peppercorns from Fawcett in to the pepper shaker
Murray River Gourmet Salt flakes
Vegetable stock – can use homemade if available- a few cups

Place oil in large pan, add onion, chopped celery and garlic, stir until nicely browned/softened.
Add potatoes and stock.

Bring to boil
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Then Simmer for 15 minutes.
Remove from heat, let cool.
Place in to blender in batches and blitz.
Should be a sensational green color.

Serve immediately and use cream or milk to make creamy if needed.
Garnish with greens, dollop of cream or black pepper or all three.

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