Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2 be pickled or not 2 be pickled...

This is the question the Tf’s asked.
But we were glad we did!

The Two Pickled gourmet farm produce experience is one of laughter nestled in amongst gourmet produce and home cooked yummies in the north east region known as the Upper Goulburn.
Tastings are by appointment and are popular with groups, families and gourmet foodies.

A few kilometres from the intersection of Whanregarwen Road and Maroondah Hwy just out of Alexandra there is an old farmhouse that is home to the two pickles Chrissi and Doug Ridd. From the moment you walk in you know you are in for a treat with these two fun loving and passionate foodies.

Chrissi has a few health problems but this does not deter here from creating and being creative in the kitchen.
In Chrissi’s words she suffers from: “Spinal Canal Stenosis' and SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) which prevents her getting near crowds - Chrissi went on to explain that back pain is extremely common in the community, approximately eighty percent of the adult population experiencing a significant episode of low back pain at some time in their lives. In older individuals degeneration of the intervertebral discs and facet joints may combine to result in narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal canal stenosis).
Which means Chrissi gets back and leg pain 24/7.”

A woman to be admired Chrissi has turned her disability in to a positive ability and using her confinement at home in to an opportunity to get creative in her rustic, thoroughly loved and highly practical kitchen.
Their label shows Chrissi at a cauldron and Doug peering over the top almost like a modern day foo, remember foo?

We digress… back to the Two Pickled experience…

Over a short amount of time and lots of tastings, batches and dinner parties ( which we can only assume would have been a delight to attend ) to test the tastes and develop the yummies they have come up with arrange of Dukkas, Olive oils, preserves, sauces and chutneys simply divided in to sweet or savory.
Where possible they access local produce from the region and grow much of the produce themselves.
Infused in the mix of offerings are such delights as Moroccan, Greek and Mediterranean flavors.

Something for everyone.

Now not scared of experimenting Chrissi works with the seasonal produce such as cherries, olives and fruit such as figs to improve their offerings in the way of variety.
She is not scared of chili, lemon, capsicum, garlic and freshly grown herbs.

Just ask if you can try their Muscat fig salami….a wonderful, delightful taste explosion that sent the Tfs in to a spin.
Matched with a soft cheese you are in Two Pickled heaven.

In the tasting experience as you try each gourmet offering Chrissi and Doug explain what each product will do to enhance your cooking or entertaining - this is backed up with these same and more suggestions on their labels. A handy way of getting the most out of each product and ensuring budding chefs and cooks every where get plenty of ohhs and ahhs...

So you may be curious what did the Tf’s take home?
Smoked Pumpkin chutney, Moroccan Olives, wasabi dukkahs, apple chili jelly and a bottle of Kasoundi.
What would we get next time?
Quince jelly, kick arse tomato, chili cherry sauce and for the oils lemon/lime & kaffir lime and the new one Red grape, plum and cardamom jelly.

Want to get in to the Two Pickled action for Christmas?
Tis the best time of year to get a basket of goodies.
Christmas Hampers/ bootie bags; now these are a collection of favorites and there are many different ones to suit different budgets.
Lovingly put together and wrapped to go, these beauties are very popular.


And just in……“Last Farm Gate sales for the year on 12 December.
Tastings of Olives, oils, dukkah, jellies, chutney, cordials etc.
There will also be specials on the day. We also have your last minute Christmas shopping covered with made up treats ranging from $30.00 to $100.00. Please confirm your attendance for catering purposes. “
And YES they have live music…what a way to spend a Sunday tasting and kicking back listening to live music..

Want the Two Pickled Gourmet Produce Farm experience?
Tastings by appointment can be made by contacting:
Chrissi & Doug Ridd at 'Burnside'
84 Scrubby Creek Road, Molesworth, Victoria 3718
The Two Pickles can be reached on: twopickled@bordernet.com.au
Or by Phone: 03 5797 6309
Doug Mobile: 0407 964 628 and Chrissi Mobile: 0409 235 903

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