Sunday, May 1, 2011

North by North East first issue!

Wow the first editon is out and the Tf's are very excited!

We picked up a copy on saturday from landmark real-estate in alex at 9.30am ( we snuck in and took their last one almost had to fight off two locals who were heading in to do the same) but by 11am over a cuppa and local yummy we had read it cover to cover & thoroughly enjoyed the stories and the variety of sections.

The Tf's think this region is ready for a gorgeous magazine that is about our local region by locals - that locals and tourists alike wish to buy.

SO many tourism and glossy local magazines have come and gone in our region but we are hoping with the variety, nicely written stories, advertisers and features that this mag is around for a very long time.

Loved the stories about Kinross Eggs, the markets, Paula Allen and the Jamieson Jazz fest.

When one of the Tf's was travelling a few years back they picked up a magazine coast by coast that is a tourism and business based gloss mag that is produced along the south west coast of Victoria and in its 10 year history the mag has gone from strength to strength.

This publication had built up a great reputation with local businesses, producers and their local heroes and with the combination of gorgeous photography - IT has just worked!

The Tf's want the same success for the new North By North East!

subscribe today by emailing for $46 for 12 months.

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