Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Pavilion Cafe - bar - gallery

The Travelling Foodies caught up with Don and Anne from Strath Creeks Hume and Hovells Cricket Ground and they had this to say:

"We are delighted to announce that local Strath Creek residents, Chris Adshead and Shaunna O'Grady have been appointed to lease the business of the catering and beverages of the Pavilion at the Hume and Hovell Cricket Ground.

We will continue to manage the cricket fixtures and the accommodation in the ' Not Out Inn' for our many patrons who visit for these purposes.

Chris and Shaunna have styled the business to a Cafe influence which will offer to the general public a wide range of cullinary delights and quality local wines, all to be accompanied by great coffee.

The new business is to be known as ' The Pavilion Cafe - Bar - Gallery at the Hume and Hovell Cricket Ground '

Together, with Chris's brilliant menu options and Shaunna's 'front of house' personality and skill they will delight their visitors with the new arrangements.
What hasn 't changed is the amazing vista of the " Valley of a Thousand Hills ' from the Dining Gallery or the balcony and lawns.

Chris and Shaunna's committment to Strath Creek opens up a new experience for locals and visitors alike so please accept this as an invitation to attend on any of their opening days, Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 10am until later in the afternoon.

With Fathers Day coming up on Sunday 4 September they are offering a two course Roast Luncheon so why not make a booking for your table now by email
chris.adshead@optusnet.com.au or 5784 9221

Anne and I hope you will enjoy this new Strath Creek feature."

The Tf's cant wait to get over to the Valley of the Thousand Hills to sample the new delights...

go on do yourself a favour... book now...

need more?
Shaunna O’Grady - Pavilion CafĂ© Bar Gallery
Hume & Hovell Cricket Ground,

Hanna's Road, Strath Creek

03 5784 9221 0412 0374 759 AH 03 5784 9210

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