Sunday, May 20, 2012

CWA Classics book

Well Weekly Times have outdone themselves this year, with the yearly subscription lucky subscribers get the free Country Women's Association Classics which showcases over 400 recipes from soups and starters to mains dessert its got the lot.

Baking, preserves and conversions also are handy and practical inclusions.
The Tf's could hardly carry the book home but were pleased they made the effort.

A real personal book ( the recipes are from CWA members around the nation. ) with sometimes snippers of very personal stories about the handed down recipes, the beautifully, natural styled and very practical photographed book is a MUST have kitchen bible.

Heavy you betcha but with the lightness of nan's favourite scone recipe.

From shearers favourites to hearty casseroles and the desserts....oh my....steamed puddings from Mrs Bond to baked egg custard from Mrs Walker.... its got the lot!

But the legends have saved the latter half of the book for the best.....the CWA's most secret weapons..
( the winners usually at the local agricultural shows )..the almighty and famous......SLICES,CAKES AND BISCUITS.
Just like nana and great aunt Betsy used to make... and all in one book.

And just in case you thought it wasn't comprehensive... wait to you get to the all time classic
Curried Zucchini pickles...

The Tf's wont be out of the kitchen anytime soon.....
Congrats to those ladies who have made the CWA's reputation for being the warm, loving wonderful cooks that have been baking for more than 60 years and who via these pages have shared their favourite recipes.

Thanks to Penguin Books and the Weekly Times.
Sales of this book will assist postgraduate nursing scholarships in rural areas.

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