Friday, June 15, 2012

Robin Hood of Regional Tourism!

As the world explodes with social media, and with websites changing the way we visually communicate, many smaller Australian towns are struggling to keep up or even get their message online.
In an Australian first, Tourism Channel have just completed a successful trial, by producing stunning websites  for six Victorian regional townships that vary in size (Mansfield/Mount Buller, Yea, Euroa, Yarck, Alexandra and Seymour). 
 These websites have been built at no cost to the townships or the regional tourism body.
Tourism Channel have a further 50+ Victorian and NSW township websites planned, and are expanding from Gippsland to Port Headland in WA, bridging the gap between local town community tourism groups and potential visitors.
Many tourism regions struggle with budget cut backs, high website costs along with a lack of understanding, interest, competition and control.
 “We like to think of ourselves as the Robin Hood of tourism” says Nicholas Parkinson-Bates. “We want to give tools to the smaller towns in order to showcase shops, accommodation, local experiences and town  benefits. 
Our free websites will be available to those towns that have never had the money, and may have been close to a more prominent town and struggled with their local identity. We want to support the tourism industry and get Australia noticed from the inside out. If a town or a member of the local tourism community is interested, they just need to email us and we will be in contact” says Nicholas.
Jo says” Google’s search engines love well developed and content rich websites that are authentic in nature and provide an optimal experience for the visitor. 
Our visit sites will meet all of Google’s and other search engine algorithm requirements.”
Tourism Channel co-founders are :
·       Nicholas Parkinson-Bates, who has worked with many prestigious and award winning hotels and resorts, in Australia and overseas, and, more recently, Regional Victoria Tourism Management.
·        Jo McInnes, a veteran of website development, search engine optimization processes, social media, on-line marketing, product marketing, regional tourism marketing, and the director of SheCommerce.
Together with more than 12 dedicated staff, they want to ensure that Australian Tourism Products get the best Digital Marketing platforms available, including online accommodation bookings through TXA and that the websites are mutually beneficial.

See the new Websites at:
CONTACT:   Mobile: 0488 519 389 Mobile: 0419 333 659

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