Monday, July 9, 2012

Saturday 14th July Black Market @ Seymour

The next Black Market will be held at  'Abdallah House', home of the Telford / Yoshimoto clan, 1a Abdallah Road, Seymour,10 am to 12 noon.

Richard Telford will give a tour of their cool cupboard, which they've recently completed. A story on it will feature in the next Owner Builder magazine.

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If you have food you want to bring to sell or swap, let me know and later in the week I'll send out a list of what is likely to be available. The Black Market - a monthly local informal food ex- change and "open garden".
You can bring your own home-grown excess veggies, fruit, etc to swap or sell, or produce you've made yourself such as preserves, bread, jam, pickles, etc.

If you don't grow or make your own, you can come to the Black Market and buy from those who do.
The Black Market is also open to local people who grow commercial produce (e.g. olives, nuts) on a small scale.
Paul Macgregor ph 5797 0229

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