Monday, October 8, 2012

Have you got the balls?

ready for the Corporate Golf day at the Marysville Sparkling Wine Festival?

Its fast approaching with, as always, some great activities and events to be a part of.

BUT its TIME TO CHUCK A SICKY BECAUSE…….( drag the boss along as well )

On Thursday 1st November the Marysville Golf Course are hosting the Corporate Golf Day. A truly enjoyable day out for all which includes: your team of four, 18 holes of golf, 9 holes of which you will stop at to enjoy a tasty meal prepared by local Chef Barney, only the best Sparkling Wine and Beers with great prizes to win along the way.

Your team of lads and gals will be playing against Sam Kekovitch….. how cool it would be to say ‘I beat Sam Kekovitch at a round of golf’…. that could be YOU!

For only $87.50 per person ($350 for a team of 4) you can sign up to attend this great day.

So get the lads or gals together and get ready for a fun day out…. What better way to spend a Thursday than playing golf with a stubby or flute in your hand!
And remember this day is not about being the best golfer…. It is about having fun, enjoying the food and wine your region has to offer and spending a nice day outside with friends….and not being at work

Interested? Have a team? Contact Kristy Benson - 03 5957 7202

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