Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hilarious art, wood ducks and great coffee amongst the mist!

The Tfs travelled out via the lovely windy roads of Mt Pleasant to Acheron in Murrindindi, to see an exhibition of Oils and Watercolours by Robert Young, the mist and clouds winding themselves around the beautiful mountains like a welcomed winter wrap on a cold day. The overdue rain was welcomed although the clouds held back when we arrived in Breakaway Road. 
Marian was getting ready for the arrival for lunchtime guests and the pizza oven was in full flame warming the restaurant gallery.
The natural light illuminated the restaurants walls showcasing Marian’s colourful art adorning the walls.


Armed with a freshly brewed hot coffee we set off to be amused by Roberts’s wonderful artworks hosted on site in a intimate gallery space that accommodates quiet thought and reflection in a comfortable chair if needed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Background on Robert - Adapted from an article by Joanne Birtchnell.
“Art doesn't get more hilarious than the works of Thornton based artist Robert Young.
Robert was born in England in 1926. With a solid base of education, training and illustration experience in London he had moved to Australia by the end of 1954. Robert worked as an advertising illustrator in Adelaide and In Melbourne with also a stint as a lecturer at Caulfield Institute of Technology Art School. 
On the man himself, Robert is a rare breed. He depicts people, in his artworks, in whimsical circumstances and paints about the humorous and wry side of Australian life, working in either water colour or oil.  His works are truly delightful. Full of fun, life and activity. His extraordinary attention to detail makes his paintings fascinating; the more you look into them the more you can see.  There is much to think and laugh about in his paintings. They are an endless source of inspiration and entertainment, much like Robert himself! Robert is a most accomplished and versatile artist who is represented in institutional and private collections in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.”

With 35 pieces on display it was a sight for the Tf’s especially for those amused by whimsical and detailed observation of the Aussie way of life influenced by English well to do societies.

Roberts’s cheeky depiction of ‘The Dancing Competition (no5 in this exhibition) a group of enthusiastic dancers are swirling on the dance floor in front of a serious crowd. On closer inspection in the middle of the painting here is none other than Prince Charles tipping his dance partner and far distance is the Queen fondly looking on. This painting is one of host Marian Rennies favourites, the painting makes her laugh at Roberts light hearted dig at Royalty mixing it up with the common folk on the dance floor.

With a variety of pieces executed in water colour with highly detailed outlines, oil paintings with the same attention to detail, each of the characters depicted within bring forth a background and story intertwined with interesting sub plots; you needed to study each one to read in to the overall story; which is a true pleasurable experience.

The wedding theme ones were really amusing with titles such as “Eyes in the Wrong” Direction, “The Escaping bride” and “The Cake thief” all capturing funny moments in a snippet of time during the goings on of the day in the life of a bride and groom on their seemingly happiest day. Very believable!

Second cup of coffee made it easy to combine the votes for the most captivating pieces being: “The Lucky Gardener” a water colour and two oils; “Trouble wherever she goes” and “Granny is late”.

On speaking to Marian on the way out, she has enjoyed having Roberts exhibition here on site with many many people visiting and purchasingH pieces ( red dots everywhere ), and she herself hopes to be painting full time within the next 12 months as the creative itch needs soothing.
Marian's creative landscape both in the restaurants gallery depicted on the walls, and out side in the  garden is now complimented by another creative direction of colourful wood ducks.
Hand crafted originals designed by our host, arriving naked in their boxes and once unpacked Marian sands them down and paints them. 
Indeed looking between the galleries you can see super sized pumpkins from the garden, huge floral pieces, hand painted platters juxtaposed amongst creative pieces of garden art and those ducks which seem to have bred like rabbits are peaking their heads around items as well.

The exhibition space may be available for future exhibitions by local artist’s and not so local artists in the future but as Marian explains with a smile, she simply goes with the flow now and what ever eventuates will be okay.

Robert Young’s exhibition, due to popular demand, is open now until the end of June.
Well worth a visit!  Phone 5772 1701

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