Thursday, February 27, 2014

New look for Murrindindi food wine inc

14 years ago Murrindindi Food Wine and Culture Group was formed as back in the early 2000’s there was no group for local producers to network about industry issues such as branding and working on how to promote the area’s produce. The internet was just really getting going and the group provided a resource for locals trying to get on board the World Wide Web and to be part of the first food and wine brochure.


A few years later the group’s name changed to Upper Goulburn Food Wine and Culture Group to get more producers on board outside of the shires boundaries

We are now known as the Murrindindi Food and Wine Inc as we had spent a lot of time promoting the area to Melbourne at Food and Wine shows etc, since the 2009 fires.

We felt it was important to bring the group back home, promote the Marysville Longest Lunch, and make sure it was not lost and that the “local” suppliers were able to showcase their products.

The idea to bring the group home was warmly welcomed at our AGM in 2013 and via our first round of strategic planning late last year we felt it was the new direction for the group.

It is also in response to the Upper Goulburn Wine producers being broken into north and south regions, the south region being the border of Murrindindi and Mansfield shires near Merton Gap.


So if you want to connect with a network of like minded industries, for educational resources, advice, business promotion, industry development and inspiration.


We have an introductory offer for membership at the moment $85 will buy a 16 month membership; benefits include our new MURRINDINDI MADE logo, that producers can use on their packaging and that local foodies and chefs can seek out, and being part of having a say aboutthe food and wine direction for our region over the next few years.





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