Monday, July 21, 2014

The food we eat..

Interesting our local communities are growing in thoughts and actions of knowing where our food comes from.

More veggie patches, more support of locally grown food via supermarket chains and more seeking out and purchases of sustainable, free range, pasture feed well treated animal meat products.

More acceptance of organic or paddock to plate or Paleo style eating lifestyles.

You only have Google Paleo to come up with hundreds of websites introducing you to a comprehensive and in-depth look at the paleo diet, why it works for so many, what it involves the stages and levels, recipes, online blogs, social media pages, images and many sites with 'how to get started living with this new lifestyle.' 

Eating only what is in season, eating simple well thought out meals.

This Tf has changed her household considerably with white sugar being the first to be toned down about 18 months ago, no white sugar only raw unprocessed sugars, local honey and Australian made raw sugar has been the go.

Pasta and bread has been limited, with major weekend pasta dishes only using home made pasta. Chocolate in cakes and slices has been replaced with pure Cacao some say that Cacao is pure chocolate with no guilt! 

But match it with zucchini in a cake and see if you go back for a second piece...

Fructose sugar in the fruit we eat is increasing as we embrace the eating whole food regime. This is a worry but as opposed to eating processed foods, take-a-way food, which only happens very rarely in the house hold, we are making head ways!

We are now growing so much more fruit and veggies, in our household, to supplement what we can buy in the way of locally grown and sourced fruit and veggies. And feeling better for it!
So good to see our kids eat raw and whole food that you have grown with no additives and or sprays.

Heavier protein meals consistently for breakfast for the man of the house, who is a savoury fan, has shown over 30 years in a weight gain of only 15 kilos, the woman of the house, on the other hand who is a sweet tooth, has had considerable weight gain to put it politely. 

Onwards and upwards!

We have grown up on the idea that one must have cereal and or grains for breakfast.
So there is a lot to be said for saying no to sugar based foods and or cereals promoted as good for you but instead hide sugars.

Is this the new revolution?

Have we turned a corner?

You only have to observe more produce stores in our region, veggie shops only carrying organic food and home grown veggies and fruit, more organic growers and more consumers willing to travel directly to buy locally grown food.

Highly processed food seems to be on the outer....Locally grown olive oil, home made breads, salamis even wine and or relishes are in, sourcing weekly cartons of eggs, garlic, cheese, fish and trout ( if your lucky enough to be surrounded by trout farms ) meeting the maker, knowing the local farmer is popular and becoming part of the weekly shop and life changing.

We see more family's bartering veggies, groups of veggie garden growers are sprouting up,.... scuse the pun... Grass Roots the magazine more popular than ever...
People who once were considered alternative or strange are having some if not all of their food and eating values celebrated if not embraced by others.

Food swapping, exchanges and even online social media groups have increased in numbers...

Some might say we are not there yet but well on our way!

Regular supermarkets are carrying more organic product in response to customers requests. It seems on reading many varied reports from USA and other parts of the world there has been a steady increase in this in some areas up to 12% per annum.

Underpinning is the growth of hobby farmers keeping grass fed animals not only to keep the grass down but to put in the freezer to feed the family.....some are selling to their neighbours, who know that the animals were well cared for and led a free range life.

Also the growth of the old ways of bottling fruit, smoking meat and preserving veggies is on the up!

Match that with growing your own vegetables and fruit, we seem to be in charge more of what we eat.

Food for thought!

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