Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wine and chocolate how divine!

The Tfs were fortunate to be invited along to that hidden secret of Sedona Estate Wines....well not so a secret any more as the word has truly passed around.

It was the third in a yearly event called the longest tasting. Coupled with Two Pickled delights and Marian Rennes appetisers it was truly regional fare match with wines.

Beautiful listening music from Acoustic soul and jazz duo the delightful voice of Belinda Parsons matched with the guitar strings being played by Mathew Fagan wound itself around the cellar door and in to the depths working shed.

We were excited to see and taste the first aromatic white 2014 Sauvignon Blanc, and indeed laughed when a photographer of the day asked for some wine for a photograph, to be told by the attendees sorry it was too wonderful to save any…..they had sampled enthusiastically....thankfully the group rallied to get a half a glass to match against an almost empty bottle...

A sure sign this wine will be another firm favourite in the wine fridges of many.
If it lasts that long the Tfs suspect it will be snapped up and enjoyed quickly.

Two Pickled were there with a display, part of the MURRINDINDI MADE table and their new pot bread in a bag which you could take home with your choice of rosemary or chilli oil or kick arse chutney. We tried the famous go with nearly anything…Dukkahs, dipped in their award winning oil and ‘to die for ‘ olives.

Ushered quietly in we took our seats for a welcome and then a horizontal Riesling tasting where we quickly learnt to taste the difference.

The journey had begun

The Queen’s Home – we enjoyed a brief voyage to the river Mosele. (Mosel is one of the 13 German wine regions and takes its name from the Moselle River and is also the third world's largest in terms of production.) It is the best of the best Riesling wine regions in the world and if not the oldest.

Sonja took us back to her village in Germany and spoke about the grapes, variables in the wine making there, guests were treated to a tasting of a 2013 Graacher Domprobst Auslese from the family winery Josef Bernhard-Kieren.
A true journey, hearing and tasting the region from which clearly inspired a young woman who goes back often and picks/prunes on smallish goat like tracks that have a sheer drop one side and a steep incline the other as the vines grow between 100 and 285m above sea level and it has been said that many vineyards have no topsoil at all, just broken slate.

Thoughts of ice wine tormented our heads but we digress.

Delicate yumminess came out from the kitchen courtesy of Marian from Rennie’s in Acheron her Coriander pesto mushrooms lasted all of five minutes with many heads nodding in agreement of their moreish taste. Followed by divine Feta and caramelised onion tartlets and just in case you were hanging for more the Moroccan lamb meatballs with riata.

As the divine treats came out Paul took our taste buds on another journey with matching wines, interesting to explore the different wines in including the Hat-trick Reds -Three 94 pointers from 2012 – the 2012 and 2013 Shiraz Reserve.

Just when we thought there may be no more red….

Paul introduced us to the “Reds of the Future” we enjoyed sipping the 2013 Shiraz Reserve..
And the 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. Something to be watched here we are sure.
Then there was a treat - from the Museum a 2006 Merlot. Raised a lot of eyebrows and muttering. The Tfs were trying to remember if we had wine that old in our cellars…surely not but sometimes wine ages well and this one has just deepened and got richer in flavour over time.

Chocolates you ask?....well no not yet.... wait foooooooor it.....

The winemakers took us through a journey of mystery in the wine games trying to do blind tastings and being asked questions by resident wine maker Paul. There was much joviality from the attendees in working out if it was from old or new vines, southern or northern hemisphere and there was a mention of Chillies!
Then the museum wine was revealed; a Queulet Carmener, Vina Ventisquero from the Maipo Valley in Chile.

But there could be only one winner….and the gentleman was thrilled with his winnings of a Two Pickled pack

 and a fine bottle of Queulet Carmener, Vina Ventisquero the museum wine itself!

One last glass… we were encouraged to find a glass and join Paul in the workings of the shed to taste straight from the barrel.


Then it was chocolate tasting time,….back to the seats…drum role please….
As introduced by Sonja “Deniz Karaca, Master Chocolatier & Australia's Champion”

Deniz is an award winning Pastry Chef & Master Chocolatier Deniz Karaca, Executive Pastry Chef for Epicure in Melbourne & founder of Cuvèe Chocolate, Australia’s only artisan chocolate exclusively blended to match some of the finest wine varieties in the world.

German born Deniz has made a name for himself in the Australian chocolate & dessert scene after being named the #1 chocolatier in Australia and Asia, currently ranking among the top three in the world.”

And we were off, the chocolates beautifully placed on our plates…each section making us wanting to dive straight in to taste the White chocolate, Milk chocolate (38% ) Dark chocolate (65%) Dark Chocolate 75%

(Some did… opps but we waited…hopefully our good manners would be rewarded with extras…)


There is a science behind chocolate making Deniz explained, holding us back from the tempting handmade and hand matched pieces.

As he asked us to taste each piece he spoke about technique… what made great chocolate ……we were in Chocolate Cuvèe heaven.

Then the wine came out a 2012 Merlot reserve and 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon reserve and refresh of our plates…placed were: Amphora 65% dark Chocolate and Grand Cru 75% dark Chocolate.

It is interesting to really taste the chocolate and the wine together….for us our taste buds were dancing like fairies in some musical out of control trying to make sense….wine… chocolate…mmm…. complimenting each other.

Then as quickly as the day had started it drew to a close, with a bag of goodies from the cellar door we happily went home.
Dreaming of faraway places and a winery experience not to be forgotten

Wine and chocolate matching who would have thought who would have dared?
Thank goodness for Cuvèe and Sedona..

Award winning Pastry Chef & Master Chocolatier Deniz Karaca is Executive Pastry Chef for Epicure in Melbourne & founder of Cuvèe Chocolate  who is credited with being Australia’s only artisan chocolate exclusively to blend to match some of the finest wine varieties in the world.

Sedona Estate Wines…182 Shannons Road Murrindindi Victoria 3717
T (03) 9730 2883 E W

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