Monday, December 26, 2016

Have you been BEAND?

if you have you would remember...nestled in San Remo, is a wonderful offering of all things coffee.
With street appeal, alfresco or enjoy the ambiance inside with obvious loyalty from locals and many visitors ...

the wonderful offering of personally chosen and roasted to perfection coffee beans... 
this is the place to get your morning liquid magic.

The name BEANd - food and coffee lovers place says it all really...

A stylish menu waits for those who venture in indeed of breaky, morning or arvo tea, brunch or lunch.

The Tfs ordered the Joker.....and the BEANd Paleo offering...for breakfast...

And for coffee? ( so much to choose from really )
Well the winner was...
A flat white plentiful in a large pottery mug and a soy chai latte, none of the high sugary based powder here...
Slightly deconstructed and served hot.
Chai syrup was also offered and tried with frothy, creamy and hot soy.


While waiting what seems minutes for our breakfast, we took in the delightful sounds of people coming and going.
Many coming in to get takeaway coffee, or to get the tables near the busy action of the kitchen.
All greeted by the happy tones of the owner..and staff ( who would have known they had their Christmas party the night before )

Then we noticed the coffee display of beans, ground coffee, chai syrup, jams and other delightful treats.
Interesting were also the many accessories and coffee machines, quaint grinders, grinders for every application, including filtered coffee drippers, portable espresso makers and a beaut little brew as you go flasks.

The Tfs were curious about the latter.

The offering from Fressko is a 300 ml teas and fruit water brewing system called RISE.
Simply stylish and indeed the label says "for the style conscious morning commuter"
They also mention healthy recycling options for the packaging....utensil holder, seedling planter and dog biscuit holder.

Tadah breakfast....

The Joker
Kransky sausage, bacon,free range friend egg, tomatoes mustard and onion compote with aged cheddar on a french roll.

Wagyu beef pattie, roast mushrooms, goats cheese and avocado tomato and almond salad.

whilst enjoying our breaky we spoke about the other items in the cafe..
Did we mention the fab fudge...a great take home delight...
Caffeine lip balm is taste like vanilla Latte!
Handmade by BEANd

So from their website...."BEANd CAFE is a handcrafted micro coffee roaster & eatery with BEANd produce store.....
BEANd use freshest local produce to awesome food.
BEANd roast small batches of coffee daily, sourced from around the globed, so we can deliver the freshest coffee to our Gippsland customers."

So heading to the beach this summer...need a coffee and stylish feed?
Try BEANd you won't be disappointed..

BEANd Coffee Roastery & Eatery
Shop 4 157 marine parade
San Remo VIC 3925

Wed: Closed

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