Monday, December 12, 2016

Regional Produce in Mansfield FoodWorks Store

Possibly not something new you say… but its increasing…
Local foodies and lovers of the local grape….take note…

Recently at the Mansfield FoodWorks Store one of the TFs discovered Thornton’s Butcher and Deli products in the deli and the small goods section.


 pic(c) SH 2016

 The Tf’s are used to seeing Yea Brand Cheese and Green River Tea on the shelves, likewise in the Alexandra and Yea stores but to see another Murrindindi known brand was a wonderful surprise.

Store Manager of Mansfield FoodWorks, Jared Bridgart shares owners Michael and Tina’s philosophic vision of showcasing and supporting local produce where possible. 

“We have many local lines amongst the 22,000 lines here on the shelves and always welcome local producers visiting us with a new range.”

Jared has had the experience of understanding and enjoying local produce at Alexandra and Yea stores in spending part of his career on site and living in the area over the last few years.

The Tf’s are staggered at the names reading like a who who’s of well known local producers showcased in the Mansfield FoodWorks store from both Murrindindi and Mansfield shires.

And the wines…

Well lovers of fermented grapes…...yes your turn now..

Via the Upper Goulburn, (including the Yea Valley) and King Valley Wine regions you’d be hard pressed not to find a real local wine on site.

A few days ago, the Tf’s did a rough count; there would be well over 40 lines of local wine, beers and ciders in the Mansfield FoodWorks wine shop.
Look for local favourites Roz Ritchie, Barwite, Sedona and Delatite.

Just ask one of the team and they will happily show what lines they have or a new variety to try.

Pic (c) JB 2016

Indeed, we did just that and went home with beers from Social Bandit Brewery.
And to be honest a few still apple ciders from Tin Shed Cider (there is a sparkling too!)

As one does…

So back in a closer look, we located local Seirs Lane Olive Oil and locally grown garlic.

Doesn’t get much better than that.

But wait there is more..

Berries from Jamieson are always popular (fresh, frozen and in jams ) likewise the High Country Pork when available is snapped up quickly.

The ever so tasty Murphy Fresh, truss tomatoes are also available at the Mansfield, Yea and Alexandra stores…
High Country Herbs go well with tomatoes! Anything really…

Friday’s Cherry Orchard provides fresh local cherries in November and December each year, these little lush beauties come from Barwite.

Where you ask?? Just down the road.

Pic (c) JG 2016

So many local producers…so little time really… fact no excuses…
You don’t have to travel to enjoy the local produce…just shop in store…

For the gluten, nut and preservative free lovers try Alice Langton’s sauces. Their range of chocolate, fruit and savoury sauces are divine.

Feeling like a little sushi?
Using fresh seafood and hand rolled in the traditional Japanese Homestyle Sushifield delight daily.

Bread from the local Bertallis Bakery is very prevalent in the bread isle..

Skipi Flowers, again local, for those moments when you need to say thank you, love you or you will be missed……..or opps sorry!

Also, discovered, and just nicely before the big red jolly man visits… award winning Stephen’s Fine Food Traditional Christmas puddings (gluten free ones as well ) and……….
Vitis Botanica Grape Drink.

From their website, it states….” It’s a lightly sparkling grape drink, a somewhat chic non-alcoholic … please chill…to enjoy it …assisted by local wine maker Roz it’s a drop where Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes combine to create a sophisticated character filled with hints of strawberry and plum.”

Oh, good golly miss molly…
one could have the Christmas table just featuring local produce, drinks and wine…

But we digress…
Back to local and more local..

Why would you not look for local produce in your local supermarket and share with friends and family especially over the seasons…

“Often our customers ask for local produce and are more excited to buy local “ says Jared….

We agree whole heartily…the Tfs have seen this first hand..

Jared went on to sayWe are more than happy to extend our range of locally produced goods and welcome any discussions about opportunities that may exist to support more local producers.”

Love that #buylocal#supportlocal attitude!!

Celebrating ones regionality via food and wine whether it be on your plate, via the maker direct or being able to access it from 8am – 8pm, 7 days per week via your local FoodWorks supermarket ensures the sustainability of our regions producers.

To that end, we tip our hats to Reddrop’s and their local Mansfield FoodWorks Store staff for supporting our local producers..

More importantly, thanks to their loyal customers that shop in Mansfield FoodWorks ( and the other stores ) and seek out local.


Check out Foodworks in store or buy online
119 High Street Mansfield
5775 2255

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